Managed IT Support

Do you need an on-site IT Department? Why not look at our managed IT Support, our pricing is for is more cost effective because you don’t pay us Vacation, Sick, PTO, insurance. We effectively act as an internal IT Department, we handle vendor management (printer, copiers, fax machines, phones), general support, Overall Health and asset management meetings quarterly. Our Managed IT service it so much more than the typical “call and fix model” we become part of your team as you monthly plain includes all labor cost between working hours 7:00am – 6:00p.m. There are additional hourly fees associated with night/weekends/federal holidays. All support related calls/emails/tickets, are triaged based on severity thus making our time management more effective to handle emergencies more efficiently. Still a little confused watch the video below to better understand how we become your Manage IT Support for a fraction of the cost of an onsite technician.